Graduate Spotlight: Brad Wolf

Cottrell MBA graduate Brad Wolf poses next to a Chevrolet vehicle

Cottrell MBA graduate Brad Wolf poses next to a Chevrolet vehicleAfter finishing his first year in the Cottrell MBA in 2012, Brad made a big career move to work for one of America’s most well-known brands, General Motors.

After graduation, Wolf moved to Detriot, MI where he is now part of the Chevrolet global customer experience team and works globally to ensure the Chevrolet brand is executed consistently at the retail level.

“There is no doubt I use what I learned at the University of North Georgia every day,” said Wolf. “The Cottrell MBA helped me understand the importance of culture and connection to the community that businesses can provide.”

Through local partnerships with GM, Wolf works with local Detroit, MI schools to help increase STEM educational opportunities, raise awareness about the importance of sustainability and mentor the leaders of tomorrow.

Wolf believes that his Cottrell MBA experience prepared him to for his life both personally and professionally.

“I am a proud graduate of the University of North Georgia for a number of reasons. UNG instilled a sense of optimism within me, which enabled me to have the confidence and knowledge to take intelligent risks, drive to find a deeper moral purpose in my work and continually push myself to grow.”

He also believes that same sense of business ethics and purpose has driven his work at Chrevrolet: “We look to make an impact for every customer across the globe. Understanding individual needs has helped me localize our brand globally.”

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