Faculty Spotlight: Mohan Menon

Mohan Menon, D.B.A., department head of management and marketing for the Mike Cottrell College of Business, is one faculty member who is helping to lead the initiative to offer new concentrations within both the management and marketing degree offerings.

“We updated the curriculum and added new courses giving students a choice of what they want to study,” Menon said. “The faculty here wanted us to look at the curriculum and see how we could improve it.”

Beginning in Fall 2017, students will be able to earn degrees in management with concentrations in entrepreneurship, leadership or supply chain management. Marketing majors will be able to concentrate in either digital marketing or professional selling. In both cases, general management and marketing tracks are offered.

Menon has been working for the University of North Georgia (UNG) since Fall 2015 after previously working as marketing department chair and professor at the University of South Alabama.

“It’s only been two years since I’ve been here, but we have recruited a lot of people,” Menon said. “The College of Business has grown in the number of full and part-time faculty positions, and most of that is attributable to the growing number of students.”

His department is currently working on hiring five more full-time faculty members for Fall 2018 to meet demand and teach courses within the new concentrations. Along with his responsibilities as department head, Menon also teaches Principles of Marketing (MKTG 3700) and Consumer Behavior (MKTG 3730).

“UNG is great place where faculty want to work because of our programs and because we’re close to a big city (Atlanta),” Menon said.

Candidates typically teach a class during the interview process, so students are able to provide feedback to the search committee. Mohan finds that students at UNG are generally more pleasant, respectful and willing to engage in classroom discussions.

“The best students here can compete with the best students anywhere,” Menon said.

Having worked in an industry environment, Menon thought he would have a career working in advertising agencies. However, some people in his life helped guide him to where he is today as a professor.

“I didn’t originally want to be a professor,” Menon said. “Sometimes things happen and you let life lead you.”

Menon enjoys doing research and has most recently been focused on researching narcissism in the academic environment.

“It’s absolutely great doing research,” Menon said. “It’s great to find something you’re interested in and fill the gap in knowledge.”

Menon sees himself staying at UNG for a while, as he enjoys the location of North Georgia and thinks he has found a place with good colleagues and good students.

“I don’t change jobs like others might,” Menon said. “If you’ve found a place you like, why leave?”