Faculty Spotlight: Caroline Muñoz

The Mike Cottrell College of Business has continually sought after feedback from the business community to develop new programming that helps students prepare for graduation.

In Spring of 2017, a new Digital Marketing concentration was approved, providing a pathway for students to study in one of the hottest topics in business today. However, to support the new programming, new faculty who specialize in the area were needed.

Dr. Caroline (Carrie) Muñoz was the first new faculty member hired to lead the College’s efforts in digital marketing.

“I simply love teaching,”Muñoz said. “It’s so exciting to expose students to material you’re passionate about that has the potential to not only change the way they view the world but also has the possibility to change their career path.”

Muñoz currently teaches Principles of Marketing and Digital Marketing. She will be teaching a new social media course in Fall 2018. This course will be the third course offered as part of the new digital marketing concentration as the second course, Digital Analytics, will be taught this upcoming spring by adjunct instructor and MCCB marketing manager Nick Kastner.

“I really enjoy teaching social media because of its relevancy in marketing today,” said Dr. Muñoz. “Each of these courses have specific learning outcomes that will help prepare a student to be a digital marketer post-graduation.”

In her first few months teaching at the University of North Georgia (UNG),Muñoz has been impressed with the students.

“As a whole, they are enthusiastic, capable and have a desire to learn and get as much as they can from their courses,”Muñoz said.

Muñoz is currently conducting research on how the presidential candidates from the 2016 primary race used Instagram to communicate their political narratives. She is also researching how the presence of faces on their Instagram feed impact the number of likes and comments that their pictures receive.

Muñoz received her master’s degree and Ph.D. from Auburn University and discovered through teaching as a graduate student that she wanted to pursue this path over a corporate position. She spent 14 years teaching at Fairleigh Dickerson University before coming to UNG this fall.

“A professor is really always a student,”Muñoz said. “We are truly blessed to be in a profession that allows us to spend time learning more about our chosen discipline and research topics that we are excited about.”