Ethics & Leadership in the Curriculum

The BB&T Center for Ethical Leadership works to develop ethical leaders and to become a catalyst for ethical thought, analysis and engagement. By educating today’s leaders and students, the BB&T Center for Ethical Leadership can create a deeper understanding of how ethical leadership applies to individuals, organizations and communities.

One way the Center aims to achieve this is by incorporating ethics-based curriculum into courses offered through the Mike Cottrell College of Business. Currently, the College offers two courses related to ethics and leadership: Leadership in Business (BUSA 3930) and Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility (BUSA 3950).

Leadership in Business is a course centered around how leaders are challenged to make difficult decisions in the perspective of current business professionals. Topics covered include developing personal vision, assessing personal strengths, identifying employment opportunities, concepts of supervising and supervision, personal ethics in business, surviving in turbulent times, networking, exercising leadership, career advancement and remaining current in the business discipline.

The Mike Cottrell College of Business Executive Challenge is part of the Leadership in Business (BUSA 3930) course and it entails a day of competition for UNG students. Participating students will present in front of a board of directors, debate about ethical challenges in the workforce and must dismiss a fictitious employee, performed by a local business leader, in front of a panel of judges. Business professionals from the community help facilitate this day. This year’s competition will be held on April 13, 2018 on the Dahlonega campus.

Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility (BUSA 3950) is a case study course requiring students to analyze a variety of complex business situations and to form and justify plausible decision alternatives that reflect ethical concepts, concern for multiple stakeholder groups and a range of decision-making criteria, processes and outcomes.

Traditionally, this course included participating in the Mid-Atlantic Regional Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl in which teams from around the Southeast travel to UNG for a day of ethical debate. Howeve,r due to the need to expand this program into other disciplines, in fall 2018, the Mike Cottrell College of Business will partner with the University’s philosophy department to create a Special Topics course so both business and philosophy students can participate in this ethical debate competition. The competition was hosted at UNG for the first time in 2017 and will be held here again on November 17, 2018.

These are just some of the ways the BB&T Center for Ethical Leadership is involved in curriculum. Additionally, the BB&T Center executes the Cadet Values program for Corps of Cadet students and is actively looking at opportunities to discuss ethical leadership throughout our graduate curricula as well as other programming.

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