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Over the past two weeks, bank marketing executives from all over the world attended the American Bankers Association (ABA) School of Bank Marketing and Management.  The ABA School of Bank Marketing and Management is a two year program delivered one week per year with between-session assignments, including development of a marketing plan and executive presentation.  At the School, bank executives learn the ins and outs of profitability, sales, compliance and marketing.  It is the only national school of its kind, where executives have the opportunity to learn from industry experts and practitioners.

Nick Kastner, marketing manager and adjunct instructor for the Mike Cottrell College of Business, has served on the faculty for the ABA School of Bank Marketing and Management for the past three years.

Bank Marketing Executives preparing for class
Bank Marketing Executives preparing for class

“It’s a great opportunity for financial marketers to learn the latest trends in the industry,” said Kastner.  “The faculty members of the school are outstanding in their respective fields.  As a graduate of this program, I believe there is no better way for bank marketers to become acquainted with industry terminology and financial principles necessary to compete in today’s banking environment.”

In 2011, Nick was the first faculty member to facilitate a Digital Marketing class at the ABA School of Bank Marketing and Management.  Due to the importance of the subject, this year, the course was split into two sessions.  Both sessions are taught during Year 1 of the 2-year program.

The first session, Digital Marketing I, is instructed by Amber Farley, Director of Interactive Services and Media  at Financial Marketing Solutions, a full-service financial marketing agency.  Digital Marketing I focuses primarily on social media, local optimization, search engine marketing and mobile advertising opportunities.  Nick teaches Digital Marketing II, focusing on website design and usability, analytics,  form and application usability, email marketing, and rich media.

This year, 84 students from financial institutions around the world were part of the Year 1 class and were part of these two digital marketing courses.

For more information, visit the ABA School of Bank Marketing and Management site.

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