Dressing for GMAT Success

icon_gmatIt’s common knowledge that you should “dress for success” when going to a job interview. But what about going to take the GMAT exam for graduate school?

Yes, your manner of dress counts there, too.

No, the test administrators don’t need to see you in your finest suit, but there are a few rules regarding dress and conducting yourself inside the test area.

For security reasons, and to make sure that cheating of any kind is unlikely, GMAT testing centers like the one on UNG’s main campus are required to follow a very strict set of regulations. So, before you wear your lucky watch or ski jacket, check out our notes below on how to dress and what to expect on test day.

What to Wear

You should dress comfortably and be prepared to adjust to temperatures in the testing room. Layers are suggested, but bear in mind that you will not be permitted to wear a parka or other outer-wear jacket.

You may bring prescription eyeglasses into the testing area. Other comfort items, such as tissues or cough drops, if approved by your testing location.

Other jewelry, particularly watches, should be left at home.

What to Bring

Arriving at the Test Center

Make sure you know where your test center is located and plan to arrive 30 minutes early. If you arrive after your scheduled test appointment, you many not be admitted and you may lose your test fee.

You’ll show your ID and appointment confirmation and, depending on your test location, you may have a digital photograph taken or perhaps need to sign a digital signature pad or complete a digital palm scan. You’ll also be asked to sign a non-disclosure statement.

After you check in, you’ll be asked to store your personal belongings. Space is limited, so be sure to travel lightly. Following is a partial list of items that you will not be permitted to take into the testing area (full list here):

  • Cell phones
  • Backpacks & Purses
  • Calculators
  • Watches
  • Pens, Pencils, Rulers
  • Notes & Scratch Paper

In the Testing Room

The test is administered in a room with private computer workstations subject to audio and video recording.

You must begin your test immediately after being seated. You have 3.5 hours to complete the exam and you may take two optional breaks, if you choose. You will not be permitted to eat or drink in the testing room. You may not access your phone or other prohibited materials mentioned above during breaks.

The test administrator will provide you with noteboards to use as scratch paper, if you need it. If you need more, you may raise your hand during the test and the administrator will bring more noteboards to you. The noteboards may not leave the testing room for any reason and must be returned at the end of the test.

For more details about testing regulations, please visit mba.com or download the GMAT Handbook.


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