Confidence UNG Wrap-Up

Kristy Dickerson speaks to students at Confidence UNG

by Evie Somogyi, marketing intern and senior marketing student, Mike Cottrell College of Business

On March 29th, women at the Mike Cottrell College of Business gathered to hear from other inspiring female leaders at the 2017 Confidence UNG women’s leadership conference. This year’s event was sponsored by the Kappa Delta Foundation.

To kick the conference off, motivational entrepreneur, Kristy Dickerson, took the stage. Kristy is the CEO and Co-Founder of STARTplanner. Through her business, she empowers others to lead healthy and balanced lives with her all inclusive day planner.

She stressed the importance of turning walls into doors. A good way to start is knowing your strengths and weaknesses – especially your weaknesses. For example, when Kristy had a photography business, she knew her strength, photography, but she outsourced her weakness, photo editing, to another company. She also spoke about refusing to let others tell you what you can, and can’t do. Instead, believe in yourself.

After a short break, 3 executives from Home Depot joined the event for a panel discussion. We had the pleasure of hearing from senior HR manager Adriana Avella,  director of merchandise planning Neha Hatia, and senior merchant Charlotte Gooding. They all brought unique ideas to the table and stressed the importance of knowing the culture of your company and the people you work with. Furthermore, they touched on the importance of leveraging your opportunities and taking advantage of networking.

After the panel discussion, we had a chance to do some networking during lunch. The panel from Home Depot sat with students and gave them more advice on their future careers and becoming confident business women.

Following lunch, we had the opportunity to hear from our keynote speaker, Emmy-award winning news anchor Jovita Moore of WSB-TV. She stressed the importance of overcoming your own fears, finding your strength, and not allowing anyone to hold you back. Moreover, no matter what obstacles you may face, persevere. Furthermore, remain strong and true to yourself and your passions.

Women of the Mike Cottrell College of Business left with a new sense of confidence and tools to use throughout their confidence journeys. Brigette Kinkade, a business student who attended Confidence UNG, said, “not only did Confidence UNG help me feel empowered, but it was also great to meet so many other women in the business College. It was truly inspiring to see women lifting each other up.”

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