Coca-Cola Marketing Executive Speaks to Cottrell MBA Class

brad-taylorLast week the 2014 Cottrell MBA cohort was treated to a special class led by Brad Taylor, Vice President, National Specialty Retail for the Coca-Cola North America Group.

Brad leads a team of sales and marketing professionals to grow revenues and profits among retailers in the specialty retail  malls, fitness, healthcare and other channels where the company’s bottles beverages are bought and consumed one drink at a time.

Brad joined The Coca-Cola Company in 1994 as Senior Customer Marketing Manager and has since held various sales and marketing leadership positions. Brad holds a BBA in Advertising from The University of Georgia and recently earned an MBA with a concentration in Marketing. With that unique perspective, Brad was able to relate closely with the Cottrell MBA students and talk in detail about the kind of work he’s doing and how he handles leadership challenges related to marketing.

Brad also briefly discussed his service to the marketing industry and his duties as a Board Member of the Brand Activation Association and the CMO Council. He also encouraged students with an interest in marketing to join the Atlanta chapter of the American Marketing Association.

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