Choosing the Right Graduate School

Choosing the right graduate program and school is extremely important to the success of earning your MBA. North Georgia College & State University’s TeamMBA is confident that you will like what you see. We hope that you will shop other MBA programs and conclude that the TeamMBA has much to offer. As you begin to research different graduate programs, please keep the following in mind:

Online Versus In Class
Online MBA programs are appealing to business executives who travel for work as they offer self paced programming allowing you to determine the completion of your degree based on your ability and time. If you are self disciplined and do not need the interaction of classmates, this may be a type of programming you need to explore. Here at TeamMBA, your class schedule is chosen for you. The only flexibility you will have is your summer electives. This type of graduate programming is good for the student who needs to know when they will be earning their MBA. We do offer the ability for students to access the three hour lecture online, but emphasize the importance of class attendance. This technology is to be used only an occasion, not regularly.

How important is Accreditation?
There are many different types of college accreditations, and for the consumer this can be confusing. If you are looking at attending a business school, AACSB accreditation in a must. Less than 10% of business schools nationwide have met the requirements to be AASCB accredited. If you are looking to teach or continue your education, it is extremely important that you attend a college with the above accreditation. In layman’s terms, it is the best and most rigorous accreditation that can be earned. Please take the time to visit and find out for yourself the standards they require. North College & State University holds SACS accreditation and the Mike Cottrell School of Business holds AACSB accreditation.

I want to attend a school that waives the GMAT/GRE
The number one obstacle I see for potential students is taking the GMAT or GRE. Yes, the thought of taking a standardized test is scary. I always joke that the GMAT should be remained FEAR. Seriously though, it is just a test. Here at North Georgia College & State University we look at three different components of an application for admission. These include the applicants overall GPA, the applicants GMAT or GRE score and, lastly, work experience. The GMAT or GRE allows us to scale your overall proficiency in basic concepts. We want to make sure you will be successful in your quest to earn your MBA. My best advice is check out a GMAT or GRE book. Study and attend one of NGCSU TeamMBA free GMAT/GRE strategy session, breath, then go take the exam. Just by doing these steps you will allow yourself to be successful. As far as having your GMAT or GRE waived, if you currently hold a master’s degree, TeamMBA will waive the exam.

Timing is Everything
Timing in the business world sometimes is the difference between success and failure. This is true for most things. I will tell you, timing will never be 100% perfect for graduate school. We all don’t know what our future holds. Dedicating two nights a week for 20 months is frightening. I will tell you the advice my Mother always gave me….invest in your education. If you have a desire to learn, improve your knowledge in the work place or looking for a better career, education is an excellent way to pave a bright future for yourself. If you are willing to dedicate two nights a week of class time and after hours for study, we will deliver a Master’s degree worth earning. Our program will cover law, ethics, marketing, finace, accounting, management and leadership, allowing you to achieve your goals. Areas of business where you make be weak, we will strengthen. Areas where you are strong, we will enhance. Our team based learning concept will allow you to learn individually as well as from other classmates. At graduation you will be saying, “TeamMBA was right for me”.

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