Celebrating high-achieving Accounting students

Last week on UNG’s Dahlonega campus, accounting students were invited to attend a luncheon celebrating high-achieving accounting principles students on the Dahlonega and Cumming campuses.Reaching-Out-Event-2014-030-web

Partially funded by the Educational Foundation of the Georgia Society of CPAs (GSCPA), this event was developed to positively influence UNG business undergraduate students perceptions about majoring in accounting.

During the event, principles of accounting students at lunch with members of the Mike Cottrell College of Business Beta Alpha Psi organization and heard about different career opportunities in accounting.

In addition to the GSCPA, other sponsors include the Nu Gamma Chapter of Beta Alpha Psi, the Mike Cottrell College of Business and Becker Professional Education.

A similar event will be held on the Gainesville campus April 9 for students on the Gainesville and Oconee campuses.

53 students were honored at the event.  The students are as follows:

  • Alyssa Aldridge
  • Marie Anceaux
  • Ariel Bettes
  • Kyle Billington
  • Jeannie Bradley
  • Turner Brooks
  • Kyle Brown
  • Caroline Burke
  • Brandon Buttler
  • Ashley Cain
  • Tyler Carr
  • Alexandria Clark
  • Grace Daley
  • Michael Denoia
  • Anna Dixon
  • Benjamin Edwards
  • Mallory Ellis
  • Katie Fendig
  • Jacob Fox
  • Zachary Gerrells
  • Kylie Gibbs
  • Sarah Gilchrist
  • Tyler Golemi
  • Justin Grimaldi
  • Taylor Hackney
  • Sawyer Henderson
  • Nicole Hill
  • Susan Jarrard
  • Ivan Juresic
  • Joshua Kimbral
  • Maggee Kulway-hall
  • Katherine Lawson
  • Allison Maltby
  • Kathryn Knickerbocker
  • Rebecca Matzel
  • Kevin Middlebrooks
  • Michele Mion
  • Marissa Moore
  • Caleb Owenby
  • Qingyan Owings
  • Megan Parker
  • Michael Price
  • Matthew Raines
  • Alexander Schwartzenberger
  • Timothy Sealock
  • Connor Shiver
  • Ian Sperin
  • Britni Treadway
  • Abigail Vargas
  • Adrianna Van Dongen
  • Allan Watson
  • Aimee Zeestraten
  • Rachel Zion

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