Business Advisory Council Board Member Highlight

Mike Cottrell School of Business
Business Advisory Council

Steven Leibel, chairman of the Business Advisory Council (BAC) and a successful trials lawyer, is an outstanding supporter of the Mike Cottrell School of Business and of North Georgia College & State University. He has directly contributed to the stature of MCSB through his generous donations and time investments.

“I feel it is my responsibility to work with members of the business community to generate an atmosphere of interest amongst them, so that they will support and adopt MCSB as if they had attended it themselves,” Leibel said.

Leibel’s vision is to create more than a group of fundraisers—he wishes to form a group of supporters that gets involved with initiatives such as helping the school reach toward the business community and students.

“I would like to see members sharing their expertise with the school,” Leibel said.

Leibel is a trial lawyer and business owner who gets involved with many types of legal issues, including business-based issues. He wants to be a resource to those in the business school who are interested in legal issues concerning business ethics, and wants other community members to do the same.

“Although I did not attend North Georgia, I have always looked it as a sort of alma mater,” Leibel said.“I do my best to support the university and MCSB. By funding and supporting programs in the school, we have been successful in initiatives such as helping the MBA program become accredited and recognized.”

Leibel has often been a participant in school-based panel discussions, and has supported MCSB in giving community business owners opportunities to work with students in many capacities, such as internships. He wants to eventually expand the role of the BAC as a supporter of MCSB, and to focus on shepherding opportunities into the school.

“The BAC is also looking forward to helping in the implementation of the BB&T Center for Ethical Business Leadership,” Leibel said. “North Georgia College & State University is an integral part of the fabric of the north Georgia area, and the center will be an excellent opportunity to weave others into the tapestry.”

Steven Leibel graduated from Emory Law in 1980, and currently has law offices in Dahlonega and Cleveland, with one moreto open soon in North Forsyth. His mission is to “work with both businesses and individuals.” Leibel was a partner at a law firm in Atlanta before opening his own firm. He is also a columnist for 400 Edition.

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