Best Business Blogs: HR

Continuing our list of business blogs you should be reading to stay up-to-date on trends and best practices, this week we’re talking about HR.

We know, we know, HR is not your favorite department in your company. HR might not even be a subject area you’d like to study. But there are good reasons why you should make an effort to understand this business function:

  1. Understanding how HR works can help you land the job you want.
  2. Knowing HR lingo can help you negotiate the salary and benefits you’re worth.
  3. Being aware of the rules and regulations for hiring and employment can keep your company out of legal trouble.
  4. Recognizing the challenges your HR staff faces can help you be a better leader for them.

So, with that little lecture off our chest, let’s check out a few blogs that breathe life into HR…

Evil HR Lady

Looking for a lighthearted approach to some very serious topics in workforce management? Evil HR Lady answers such pressing questions as “Does your title matter?”, “What if you knew everyone’s salary?” and “Should you dispute a performance appraisal?”. Check out this video to watch Evil HR Lady explain why companies set crazy rules about raises and often don’t want to tell you the salary for a job you’ve applied to.

the hr capitalist

A careful blend of policy discussions, leadership vignettes, book reviews and a healthy dose of snark, the hr capitalist focuses on practical solutions to talent and staffing problems. Author Kris Dunn uses real-life examples, stories and videos to spark discussions on terminable offenses, getting employees to read the handbook, and why you should hire great writers even for mostly non-writing positions.

Society for Human Resource Management – Atlanta

Yes, SHRM has a blog at the national level. But we find the local Atlanta blog to be more interesting for HR and business professionals in the north Georgia area. For one, the Atlanta blog shares the love by listing other great blogs and resources for HR information. For another, this blog frequently discusses ways HR can become a partner to corporate leadership to help the whole company achieve its goals.

If you’re working in HR, what resources would you add to this list? Where do you find ideas and advice? Leave a comment and let us know!

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