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In this second post of our series on the best business blogs, we’re listing blogs that discuss the concepts and practices behind being a good leader.

Whether or not you find yourself in an “official” leadership role in your career right now, you can use the information presented by these authors to become a leader among your peers. These same concepts also apply to team situations at work and to volunteer opportunities in your community.

So, even if you don’t have the words Manager, Director or Chief in your job title, read up and you just might get the skills to advance yourself as a leader.

The Purposeful Leader

This blog is part of the bNet network and is authored by John Baldoni, an executive coach, speaker and Harvard Business Review blogger. One of Baldoni’s nine published books is Lead Your Boss, in which he helps middle managers find ways to get noticed by senior management and get their ideas heard. At The Purposeful Leader, he blogs on such topics as handling crises and scandals, being a supportive teammate, and inspiring loyalty a goal.


CEO Mike Figliuolo blogs for his company and is also the author of the forthcoming leadership book One Piece of Paper. Mike’s posts often have a humourous bent and they’re easy to read if you only have a few minutes. Some of our favorites include 10 Reasons Your Team Hates You, Respect: It’s Time to Get Dirty, and How to Lead Like a Little Old Lady.

Trust Matters Blog

This blog is also for a corporate consultancy, but includes posts from several authors. CEO Charles H. Green finds leadership lessons and lessons about knowing and managing one’s own actions with posts like How I Quit Smoking. Other authors talk about the importance of trust in teams and between leaders and their teams. This blog also frequently reviews books on leadership and business.

SmartBrief on Leadership

If your inbox doesn’t have the capacity to accept a subscription to all the blogs we’ve recommended so far, then just subscribe to SmartBrief on Leadership. You’ll get a daily email with links to leadership articles, videos and webinars from sources all across the web, plus a post or two from SmartBrief’s own editors.

And a few more bonus blogs that we’re sure you already know about, but just in case….

•    Women’s Leadership Exchange
•    Michael Hyatt: Intentional Leadership
•    Terry Starbucker
•    John Maxwell on Leadership

Got a favorite leadership blog that we didn’t list? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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