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Here in the Graduate Center, we’re always keeping an eye out for business news to share with our students and MBA alumni community. We’ve found some really great resources, particularly blogs, in several areas of business practice and we’re sharing the best of the best with you in a series of blog posts.

This week we list four of our favorite blogs on marketing. This field changes in the blink of an eye, so it’s important for professionals to keep up with the latest trends and techniques to reach and retain customers.

Consumers are savvy. They want to know and trust you before they hand over their hard-earned cash for your products or services. One way to earn their trust is by developing content that answers their questions and gives them confidence is your organization. Copyblogger is the authority for online content marketing.

Check it out:

Duct Tape Marketing
John Jantsch is the author of several books and a thought-leader on marketing for small businesses. Lots of MBAs find themselves in global corporations, but for those that are dedicated to local businesses or those that become entrepreneurs, here’s a piece of advice: always keep some Duct Tape in your desk.

Get Duct Tape:

Social Media Examiner
This blog is your “Guide to the Social Media Jungle”. Indeed, if you want to stay on top of trends and techniques in social media marketing, this is the place to go. Posts frequently include case studies, how-to guides and reports that help you benchmark your company’s social marketing efforts against your peers.

Explore the Jungle:

Church of the Customer
If you read no other blog on this list, read this one. If you don’t earn and keep customers, you’ll be out of business and have no use for the rest of this list. Posts are generally short, so you can get nuggets of wisdom quickly, along with a constant reminder to value your customers and they will become your best salespeople.

Go to services:

What are your favorite blogs on marketing? Leave us a note in the comments below.

Then, stay tuned next week when we reveal our favorite blogs on leadership.

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