Alumni Spotlight: Steven Herring

During his senior year at UNG, Steven Herring began to think cybersecurity might be a great career for him. The graduate certificate in cybersecurity allowed Steven to steer his career in that direction. Through his certification, Steven explored the world of cybersecurity and learned the many ways a hacker can compromise a network. In fact, his favorite class during the program was Computer Security. In this class, the lab activities consisted of actively compromising computers, allowing him to experiment with different exploits to accomplish various goals. The reverse optics helped students think of ways to prevent network attacks and mitigate cyber-crimes.

As a result of furthering his education, Steven was given more opportunities in the workplace. Upon completing the program, his current job role shifted toward working in security projects and playing an active role in incident responses. Steven proved the valuable skills he had gained as he climbed the corporate ladder. Ultimately, Steven was officially promoted to Information Security Analyst.

“I would absolutely recommend this program,” Steven exclaims. The graduate certificate in cybersecurity is a fast-paced, comprehensive program, jam-packed with critical knowledge. Steven believe that this single semester program could be a great addition to one’s computer science education.

Additionally, during his four years at UNG, Steven was a member of the Corps of Cadets, whose principles were founded upon integrity and honor. These values translate easily in to his chosen career field. As Steven continues in cybersecurity, this 2017 UNG Alumni will strive to protect confidential information and lead with integrity in the IT industry.