Alumni Spotlight: Jeff Muth

Jeff Muth

Jeff Muth is a University of North Georgia (UNG) alumnus now working for Home Depot as a Supply Chain Asset Protection Business Analyst.

Muth was a finance and management major in the Mike Cottrell College of Business. It was a Home Depot recruiter visit on campus that led to his employment with the company.

“The only reason I got my job was because I went and talked to the recruiters when they came on campus in 2016 and made that first impression,” Muth said. “I would encourage anyone who is serious about getting a job that can help them grow to go and meet with recruiters.”

His classes and professors at UNG helped him prepare for his current job. Business Information System and his Principles of Finance courses were the most valuable courses to him in his current role.

“I deal with data, both financial and otherwise, every day and use Microsoft Access and Excel,” Muth said. “These are the two most valuable classes for any business major.”

Muth’s boss refers to his “finance background” as a factor that gives him an advantage. Having that knowledge has been essential in his job at Home Depot where he monitors and reports on the outbound accuracy of shipments from their distribution centers to their stores as well as monitoring any shrink and swell exposure in the supply chain.

His advice to current students would be to get an internship while in college to gain real-world experience. A great way to find out about internships is through networking at recruiting events on campus.

“If recruiters come on campus, put on a suit and go,” Muth said. “If you don’t know someone to separate your name from other applicants, then you’re just another person on a list and your resume/application will get lost.”

Representatives from Home Depot are visiting the Dahlonega campus on November 8 at 12 PM for a one-hour presentation to discuss internship and entry-level positions and to meet with students afterwards.

“Home Depot is an incredible company that takes care of their associates and encourages personal development and moving up,” Muth said. “If you’re interested in climbing the corporate ladder, or even having a stable career out of college where you can learn and grow professionally, then go.”