Alumni Spotlight: Jamila Leavell

University of North Georgia (UNG) alumna Jamila Leavell graduated with a degree in business management in 2004 and is currently working as a Clinical Recruiter for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

“I had always dreamed of working with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and had a couple of close friends who worked there and loved their jobs, so they helped to recruit me to come onboard and leave my other amazing job as a Community Healthcare Coordinator,” Leavell said.

In her current role, she recruits the “best and brightest” for clinical roles in healthcare to help care for the “amazing pediatric superheroes” at one of the top Children’s Hospitals in the nation.

She believes her time in the Mike Cottrell College of Business prepared her to think on her feet and how to present herself in the business world.  She remembers Strategic Management and Advertising as being her favorite courses at UNG. She also benefited from being a member of the student organization “Students in Free Enterprise” now known as Enactus.

“I really feel that I had a world-class education and had wonderful professors who really cared about my success, and even though it was not as large as most other universities, my education was still top-tier and recognized in the community,” Leavell said. “Also, one of my favorite professors once told me: ‘You’re only one invention away from being a millionaire.’ He encouraged our class to always think outside the box in regards to business, and I still utilize that advice today.”

The College has grown exponentially since Leavell’s time here and now offers a variety of new programs which give students even more of an opportunity to reach their full potential.

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