Alumni Spotlight: Desirae Dubey

University of North Georgia (UNG) alumna Desirae Dubey is using the experiences and skills gained during her time in the Mike Cottrell College of Business in her current role as a Sales Support Administrator at RefrigiWear.

Dubey started out working at RefrigiWear during her senior year as a marketing intern. After graduating from UNG in 2009, she re-joined as a Marketing Assistant and has had several positions in marketing and sales at Refrigiwear. In her current role, she provides support for the Chief Resource Officer and many Sales Directors and Sales Vice Presidents across the country.

Along with providing support, she also manages the logistics for all of RefrigiWear’s trade shows and conferences, handles any customer bids and contracts, manages IT integration with customer’s purchasing programs, processes sales data and reports and oversees the Junior Sales Support Administrator.

Dubey remembers Advertising, Marketing Research and Marketing Management as being some of her favorite courses while in college.

“The variety of classes and knowledge from professors gave me a well-rounded education to prepare me for real-world experiences,” Dubey said.

Dubey’s favorite memories of the Mike Cottrell College of Business were visits from business leaders as they shared their career experiences. She would advise current students to take advantage of all the opportunities available through UNG..

“It’s important for students to participate in organizations, take leadership roles and try to have an internship to give them a better career start,” Dubey said.

Dubey recently participated in a Explore Your Career Path Seminar hosted by the Personal Roadmap to Ongoing Success (PROS) professional development program as a panelist. Something that Dubey loves about the direction of the Mike Cottrell College of Business is the professional development program, a program she wishes would have existed when she was a student.

“The ability to learn about different careers straight from someone working them is a major plus and having those guest speakers is a great way to learn about career options,” Dubey said. “Also, networking and interviewing does not come naturally for a lot of people, so being able to work on those skills and practice as much as you can will help students improve and take them much further in their career.”

Dubey emphasizes the importance of internships and job shadowing as an important way for students to get an idea of what career path they want to take.

“Choosing what you want to do for the rest of your life is not an easy decision but getting exposure with the professional development program helps students make much more confident decisions about their future,” Dubey said.

The Mike Cottrell College of Business has many successful graduates who are making an impact in the business world. Dubey thinks a majority of this is because of the quality of education and experiences available at UNG.

“There is a strong emphasis on leadership and professional development which makes a tremendous difference when graduates begin their careers,” Dubey said.

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