Alumni Spotlight: Brandon Agar

Brandon Agar had 2 major opportunities right after graduation: a position with Marriott and a chance to play minor league baseball. Brandon graduated from UNG in 2016 with a dual degree in Business Management and Business Marketing. He briefly pursued his baseball dream, but is now currently a red coat conventions coordinator with Marriott.

Brandon spent the majority of his time at UNG balancing his studies while playing baseball for the university. While being a student athlete can be taxing, Brandon states that he enjoyed many of his classes within MCCB, “Some of my favorite courses in the Mike Cottrell College of Business were Principles of Marketing taught by Mary Norman, Personal Selling taught by Mike Powell, Advertising taught by Dr. Wu, and Digital Marketing taught by Nick Kastner. I also really enjoyed my operations management courses with Dr. Orwig.”

The Mike Cottrell College of Business not only prepared Brandon with curriculum-based knowledge, but also with the experience each professor possessed from their fields of study. “Their knowledge and insight to some of the situations I would be facing eased the transition for me from college student to professional,” stated Brandon.

When asked if he could go back and re-do his collegiate career Brandon revealed that he would have liked to have spent more time on his studies. “I was lucky enough to be involved in various groups and organizations, but my studies were the first thing to fall by the wayside. UNG offers a high quality education that I wish I would have taken a greater advantage of for my career.”

In regards to the growth of the Mike Cottrell College of Business, Brandon mentioned that the structure of the classes and curriculum allow for a much more personal college experience that you don’t get at many other schools.

“I had a job opportunity with Marriott right out of college, but I initially pursued baseball,” said Agar. “Marriott was not necessarily the first step in my career. However, now this is the start of my hospitality career and I hope to continue to progress quickly within the company.”

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