Alumni Spotlight: Catie Blackwell

As Catie Blackwell progressed through her final years at UNG, the idea of pursuing law school was intriguing. However, without any hands-on experience, Catie was unsure if becoming a lawyer was the right career for her. Before making the investment to law school, Catie worked at a law firm in Dahlonega in 2016 and then interned with Cherokee County Clerk of Courts, Superior Civil Division, in 2017.

Upon her graduation in December 2017, Catie was offered a full-time position at Cherokee County Justice Center as the Assistant to the Jury Administrator. Additionally, Catie was offered a generous scholarship to attend the University of Georgia School of Law, which she accepted. Months after taking her position as Assistant to the Jury Administrator, Catie was offered a paid internship with Speights Law. She has now been with the company for over a year while working remotely through law school.

Catie enjoyed law school, but there was no opportunity to be creative. In April, she started her business, StateMint Stickers, to serve as her creative outlet through law school. Since starting her shop on Etsy, StateMint Stickers has made sales in all 50 states, including Canada and Puerto Rico. Catie learned the importance of pursuing her passions at UNG. She found value in expanding her knowledge outside the classroom and delving into extracurricular activities. Being an actively involved student on campus taught her how to manage time, manage people, and how to “not bite off more than [she] can chew.” As a student, Catie has applied many concepts from the classroom directly to her business, StateMint Stickers. Particularly the lessons from her Strategic Management and Small Business Management courses. Additionally, the skills she learned in Microsoft Excel while at UNG has aided in Catie’s successes: a start-up business, a law firm internship, and attending law school.

Catie decided to pursue law school after gaining hands-on experience in the industry. She worked on cases involving domestic matters, bankruptcies, criminal matters, and child advocacy, and discovered she has a passion for working with kids in hapless situations. In the fall, Catie is exploring an opportunity at UGA’s Child Endangerment and Sexual Exploitation clinic. “My current role at Speights Law has also taught me a lot about the importance of a good defense attorneys for folks who have found themselves on the wrong side of the law.” Catie is a compassionate, ambitious, creative, and educated alumna. The Mike Cottrell College of Business is proud to be one of the first stepping stones in pursuing and developing Catie’s passions.

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