Alumni Association Helps Grow Your Professional Network

Phil Collins

Phil CollinsIf you’re a North Georgia grad and you aren’t a member of the Alumni Association, you’re missing out on great opportunities to reconnect with old classmates and to meet other alumni.

The good news is that you can still connect to the Alumni Association via its LinkedIn Group. And, the Alumni Association recently shared a tip that will help you connect to other professionals on LinkedIn.

Phil Collins, Director of Alumni Relations, explains how:

You may have already discovered this feature, but for those who haven’t, this is can be a very useful tool for job seekers, employers and recruiters.

Try the link

You should be taken to a page with a compilation of LinkedIn members who attended your college(s) during the years that you matriculated. Adjust the range of years to find more. Check the box, “Include people with no dates” to find even more.

Phil found 6,636 individual profiles who attended North Georgia using this tool and says, “This handy tool breaks down the subjects by geography, name of firm and their profession. With a common Alma Mater, making a connection should be relatively easy, just list North Georgia as the common point between you and anyone you are interested in connecting with. Happy networking!”

Thanks for sharing this great networking tip, Phil!

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