A Library with No Books?

Cafe-style seating in the Learning Commons offers students a perfect place to work in teams, and to enjoy the view of Sawnee Mountain.

Yes, there really is such a thing as a library without books. You can find it on the University of North Georgia’s Cumming campus.

The Learning Commons is a new concept in library services. Located on the second floor of the Cumming campus, the Learning Commons offers UNG students access to virtually anything you could find in a traditional library, but in a digital format.

There are nearly 100,000 digital books in the UNG library, but students can still request print books from other UNG campus libraries or through inter-library loan, for materials that haven’t yet been digitized. The Learning Commons also keeps a selection on current magazines and newspapers on hand for students to peruse while in the Learning Commons. Copies of writing support books, such as citation manuals, dictionaries and thesauruses, are also available to students in the Learning Commons.

Students may access the digital library by using one of the desktop computers in the built-in lab, or they can check out one of 20 laptops and connect wirelessly to the digital library. Students can also make use of the cafe seating or private study room for group meetings and assignments. The Learning Commons also offers white boards, printers, scanners and graphing calculators for student use.

The Learning Commons also differs from a traditional library in that its staff doesn’t hold set hours. The Learning Commons is open to students any time the Cumming campus is open. The head librarian, Rebecca Rose, keeps flexible hours so she can be present when students need her help and guidance the most.

For more information about The Learning Commons or this new concept in university libraries, please contact Rebecca Rose or visit the The Learning Commons libguide.


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