5 Questions with Ping Kuang (Penelope) from Liaocheng University

In 2011, the University of North Georgia established a faculty exchange program with Liaocheng University located in Liaocheng, located in the western Shandong provinces of the People’s Republic of China. Liaocheng University’s student population is roughly 31,000 full time students.

Liaocheng University in the western Shandong province of China
Liaocheng University in the western Shandong province of China

This year, the Mike Cottrell College of Business has been honored to have Ping Kuang, Visiting Professor of Public Finance, on campus this summer visiting from Liaocheng University. Our faculty and students have adopted the English version of her name, Penelope.

Penelope was very kind to be part of this interview and is very excited to be here on campus at UNG.

How have you enjoyed your time on campus here at UNG Dahlonega thus far?

Life is very quiet and wonderful. The university is very beautiful and the people are very kind.

Dahlonega is a city with a lot of trees and forests and it is very beautiful. I’ve seen squirrels, foxes birds and deer which we don’t see near our University. It’s very amazing.

Will you be spending any time on our other campuses?

I will be on campus in Gainesville for a night class. I’ve never been on that campus but maybe it’s the same as here.

I did speak to a Kiwanis Club in Gainesville where I met a lot of CEOs, presidents and leaders of companies. I [spoke] on China’s current economic situation and the business men and women there were very interested. They asked lots of questions.

What are some of the things you’re doing while here?

[I] am giving lectures in classes and being a listener in some of the other professor’s classes.

What’s the biggest cultural difference you’ve faced thus far?

The students are very different. American students are very smart and positive in the classroom. [They] ask questions about all of the topics that are connected with the class.

Chinese students are shy, quiet and take lots of notes. They are good [test takers] but American students enjoy the lectures more.

Also, the food is very different. American food is more nutritious, full of vitamins and proteins, very good for students to stay strong and focused.

Chinese food on campus has less fat and less oil.

What’s the biggest benefit of partnering with a University such as the University of North Georgia?

Really, it’s about understanding different cultures and atmospheres. I think if time permits, I’d like to speak with the professors in the College of Business about research fields and to find common interests that we share so we can work together.


Penelope will be on campus through the end of July and will be lecturing and speaking to a number of groups both here on campus and our local communities.

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