5 Benefits of a Part-Time MBA

MBA Textbooks and an iPad

MBA Textbooks and an iPadSometimes life happens and full-time graduate school becomes more of a dream than a reality. The good news is, there is a part-time MBA degree that suits the working professional. Here are 5 benefits of getting your MBA part-time:

  1. Flexibility

The part-time MBA gives convenience to you, the working professional, by allowing you to schedule their classes around your life and career. This flexibility allows you to achieve the desired work-life balance by providing more time with family and friends, while advancing your profession.

  1. Affordability 

Since you are able to keep working with your part-time MBA, paying back loans won’t be as stressful as it would in a full-time MBA program. Since the program typically lasts longer than the full-time MBA, payments are generally spread out in smaller amounts making it easier for graduate students on a budget. In addition, many employers will provide support, if not full reimbursement, on your tuition because there is a lot of value seen in furthering your return on investment.

  1. Apply Your Knowledge 

Since you are able to work during your part-time MBA, you can provide the classroom with your previous experience in the field to add to discussions. Also, you have the opportunity to use what you learn in the classroom and apply it to real life scenarios in the workplace. Being able to see what you can improve on and making prompt corrections will bring immediate worth to your organization.

  1. Networking

Sometimes it can be difficult to make connections at your job because it’s so easy to just be comfortable with sitting at your desk from nine to five then going home, but don’t be afraid to expand your network. Being in an MBA program will allow you to discuss topics with other working professionals in a smaller setting. In addition, there’s people from a variety of backgrounds in MBA programs that can give you expertise on other areas of business that you may not be as familiar with.

  1. Stand Out!

An MBA is not a requirement after completing your undergrad, but it shows that you have what it takes to go the extra mile for your career. It sets you above the crowd because of the valuable experience applied in and out of the classroom. Furthermore, technology and trends change and being an MBA student will give you opportunities to have deep discussions on relevant topics.


So while a full time MBA may seem impossible to balance, a part time MBA presents you with the chance to further you career with flexibility and affordability. All the expertise you receive in your MBA will make you an employee that offers more value to your company in the long run.