Undergraduate Programs

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Cottrell Speaker Series: Spring 2019

Are you ready to gain valuable business knowledge this year? Start off by attending the Cottrell Speaker Series this semester. On Wednesday, January 23 the Mike Cottrell College of Business …

Strong Graduates

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Alumni Spotlight: Jamila Leavell

Alumni Spotlight: Katherine Guzman

Alumni Spotlight: Amanda Groover

Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation

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Success from Soft Skills

What if I told you your success has little to do with your degree? Picture this scenario: you just earned your degree and are searching for a solid job, but …

Why You Should Join Enactus

BB&T Center for Ethical Leadership

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Ethics & Leadership in the Curriculum

The BB&T Center for Ethical Leadership works to develop ethical leaders and to become a catalyst for ethical thought, analysis and engagement. By educating today’s leaders and students, the BB&T …

Spring Update: BB&T Center for Ethical Leadership