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Internship Spotlight: Kristina Schleicher

If you could intern in Germany, would you? Kristina Schleicher, a Senior Business Management Major, and Spanish minor would! She interned this past summer with Elementum, a supply chain company …

Strong Graduates

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Alumni Spotlight: Jamila Leavell

Alumni Spotlight: Katherine Guzman

Alumni Spotlight: Amanda Groover

Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation

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Success from Soft Skills

What if I told you your success has little to do with your degree? Picture this scenario: you just earned your degree and are searching for a solid job, but …

Why You Should Join Enactus

BB&T Center for Ethical Leadership

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Ethics & Leadership in the Curriculum

The BB&T Center for Ethical Leadership works to develop ethical leaders and to become a catalyst for ethical thought, analysis and engagement. By educating today’s leaders and students, the BB&T …

Spring Update: BB&T Center for Ethical Leadership