Where I lead: Serving my community

Cristian Ramos,

a communications major with a concentration in organizational leadership, is a 2017 Newman Civic Fellow and one of only 273 students leaders selected for the award nationally.

He was also awarded a scholarship to participate in the Leadership and the American Presidency Fall 2017 program through the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute – both programs are designed to recognize and reward students committed to public service and civic engagement.

Newman Civic Fellows are recognized for demonstrating leadership and problem-solving abilities in their communities.

What role do you play in community activism?

I have a deep commitment to assisting the local Latino community through volunteerism, political engagement and campus leadership. I currently serve as a volunteer for HoPe – a grassroots non-profit organization that offers leadership courses and scholarship assistance to local Hispanic high school students.

I am also actively involved with local political campaigns as well as on-campus initiatives that encourage students to vote and get involved in politics.

In what way have you brought that passion to campus?

At UNG, I facilitate classroom discussions on issues of diversity. Most recently, I completed the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials Institute for Leadership certificate.

What motivates you?

Like a lot of people from my generation, I have the desire to reach my highest potential through continuous and engaged learning. But I expect this to occur while engaging in higher theological, philosophical and political questions and ideas that moderate the way that I serve my community.

I agree with the known adage that service is the rent that we pay for living in this world, although I must add what we all know, that rent is higher depending on where one lives. For that reason, I feel an enormous debt for living in one of the greatest countries in history, the United States of America, and I am eager to give back where and when I can.