Where I lead: On the track and in the classroom

Brady Boswell
Business Administration major, 3.88 GPA

Will compete in the ARCA Racing Series this year, a professional league and NASCAR feeder series.

How did your racing career begin and evolve?

I started learning the ropes at nine years old in a bandolero race car — a racing car somewhere between a go-kart and a car — and I never looked back. In 2009, I won three races in my bandolero and two championships in a Pro Challenge racer.

I’ve moved my way up to higher series such as Legends, Pro Late model and Super Late model, and in 2013 I entered the x-1R Pro Cup series. I took 2015 off to focus on college, but this year I will compete in the ARCA Racing Series presented by Menards.

How do you balance college and a professional racing career?

The career of a race car driver requires absolute dedication, and many racers put education on the sideline while they pursue their dream. But getting an education and doing it with excellence are very important to me.

I’ve tried hard to balance racing and studying. Sometimes it requires studying late into the night, and I make sure to take good notes in class and be at school as much as possible. I also have to work hard at staying visible in the community; every successful driver needs fans and sponsors. Then there’s traveling. Many racing events are two to three days of practicing, qualifying and competing on different days. That can be really difficult when I have a test coming up.

It comes down to being committed and creative with my time, and knowing where my time is best spent.

Why are you so driven to succeed?

That drive definitely comes from my parents. My father is a successful entrepreneur who leads by example, and my mother made sure my brother and I always had more than we needed, and encouraged us to never settle.

Those values are why I work to ensure my schooling does not take a backseat to my racing. It’s also why I have plans in case my racing career does not turn out the way I hope. If that happens, I’d like to work my way up to a CEO position or start my own company. Part of the reason I chose business as my major is because of how many options it offers. You can do business in so many different fields, from banking to healthcare to education. That’s exciting to me.