Where I Lead: A strong spirit and self-awareness

Micaiah Kimble
wanted a fun college experience like most high school graduates but not a “traditional” one. When the Suwanee, Georgia native’s high school counselor suggested becoming a member of the Corps of Cadets at UNG, Kimble said “sign me up.” She has carried that same phrase into her collegiate career as she pursues a degree in international affairs.

What are your plans while you are with the Corps of Cadets at UNG?

I wanted to become a sergeant, but I couldn’t take the test last year. I tore my meniscus. I think I tore it playing tennis and it’s been festering for years.

What made you join the Student Government Association and become spirit chairwoman?

I wanted to help boost morale and spirit around campus and help students become enlightened.

Why is it important to help fellow students become enlightened through self-awareness?

It’s about knowing yourself and knowing how others see you. You can also ask yourself, ‘How do you want to be remembered?’ And that’s being self-aware.

What made you join a sorority?

I thought ‘What do I have to lose?’ when I went through recruitment in January 2017. And I thought ‘If I love it, I will have a sisterhood.’ It was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I was homesick, and I found a family. I found support. My sisters in the Delta Zeta sorority are my girls and they pick me up when I am down, and vice versa.

Why did you become a student ambassador?

Something hooked me about them when I went through my own orientation and when I went through the information session. Now, I want to show prospective students a day in my life on campus.

As a student ambassador, you give prospective students tours of the UNG campus and introduce them to the daily college life. What do you tell them?

UNG is an awesome place and I get to walk and work here every day.