UNG wins MacArthur Award for 2018-2019

The Corps of Cadets at UNG has been selected as the 2018-19 recipient of the MacArthur Award for U.S. Army Cadet Command’s 1st Brigade. The Spartan Brigade encompasses the nation’s six senior military colleges — UNG, Norwich University, Texas A&M University, Citadel, Virginia Military Institute, and Virginia Tech.

“This national recognition as the number-one ROTC program among senior military colleges underscores the long-standing reputation for excellence that UNG’s Corps of Cadets has earned,” said UNG President Bonita Jacobs. “As UNG continues to set records for the number of second lieutenants that we commission, the quality of our cadets remains among the best in the nation.”

UNG previously won the brigade level MacArthur Award for the 2016-17 academic year as well as in 2010, 1995 and 1991.