UNG launches diversity certificate program

A new online, graduate-level certificate program that began in fall 2015 is helping UNG faculty and staff learn how to support and foster diversity amongst colleagues and students. The first cohort of employees to complete the three-course program received their certificates in May.

“This series of courses is focusing on issues involving diversity and multiculturalism from a variety of perspectives and academic disciplines. It features a specific global issue that is investigated through a cross-national comparative study, and issues will differ each semester,” President Bonita C. Jacobs said. “Initiatives like this help equip all members of the university community to contribute to our mission of educating and preparing students to become leaders in a diverse and global society.”

The courses, offered through UNG’s College of Education, include Special Topics in Diversity, Special Topics in Education and Diverse Issues in Professional Settings. Themes covered have included cultural identity and preconceptions, internal and external oppression, discrimination, and many others.

“Having team members who have formally studied diversity issues is a unique strength, and our school can only bear more fruit as the result of this effort,” said Sheila Caldwell, UNG’s advisor to the president on diversity.