Team-teaching takes multidisciplinary approach for richer learning experience

As a way to teach UNG students about the history and politics of wars and how those interpretations have evolved over time in films, Dr. Lance Bardsley and Dan Cabaniss are collaborating to present the topic through an interdisciplinary learning community.

This team-teaching approach with students has proven successful for Bardsley, associate professor of political science, and Cabaniss, associate professor of English and journalism. The duo taught the Cold War and the Vietnam War last academic year through incorporation of lectures, films, question-and-answer sessions, and discussions.

Lindsay Bailey, director of student involvement, Dr. Laura Ng, associate professor of English and assistant dean of College of Arts and Letters, and Shane Toepfer, assistant professor of communication, media and journalism, are using the same technique for their “Active Citizenship Learning Community.”

“I hope the students will follow our lead and see how friendly the faculty and staff work together,” Toepfer said. “I want them to realize they can collaborate.”