Sharma sets pace for drone mapping industry

For his final project before retirement as assistant head of the physics department, professor emeritus Dr. JB Sharma assembled a team of UNG faculty, staff and students to aid his cutting-edge research on drone mapping.

The products are twofold: a detailed digital elevation model and multispectral image mosaic of UNG’s Gainesville Campus and the first book on mapping applications of small drones that is relevant to academia, industry and government. The book is set to release this fall.

Sharma noted the images of the Gainesville Campus show different types of trees and represent a historical record that can be used as a reference if a pest infestation or storm changes the landscape. The images are so detailed they were used in UNG’s Digital Fabrication Laboratory to print a 3D model of the Martha T. Nesbitt Academic Building.

Sharma hopes to expand his detailed maps to include the Dahlonega Campus.