New groundwater well benefits hydrology classes

Every year, Ron Wallace heads to UNG to award a scholarship to a member of the American Institute of Professional Geologists (AIPG) student chapter. But last year he had a unique question for UNG faculty members.

Wallace, who is AIPG president, asked if the Lewis F. Rogers Institute for Environmental and Spatial Analysis wanted a groundwater well on campus. The answer was an enthusiastic “yes.”

UNG students enrolled in geological classes, specifically hydrogeology, will benefit from the new groundwater well. Dr. Christopher Seminack explained students will learn firsthand how to record depth of groundwater and monitor the water table as it fluctuates during the seasons. They also will learn to collect groundwater samples from the well.

The American Institute of Professional Geologists helped arrange the installation of a groundwater well on UNG’s Gainesville Campus.
Seminack said the hands-on experience will aid students and graduates as they apply for jobs in the field.

“Our students will stand out since they will have the experience of monitoring a groundwater well,” he said. “These are lessons they usually would not learn until they get into the industry.”