Mendoza to lead diversity and inclusion efforts across campuses

Dr. Pablo Mendoza, UNG’s first director of diversity and inclusion, has a big charge: promote diversity and inclusion efforts that inform and enrich the university’s teaching, learning and work.

“We are preparing students to live in a more diverse and demographically changing environment than has existed in the recent past,” Mendoza said. “An atmosphere of diversity and inclusion is an added benefit for the cross-cultural competency of students, faculty and staff.”

Mendoza is collaborating with individuals and groups at UNG and beyond to collect baseline data about diversity and inclusion at UNG and use it as a launching point.

“As a large university with five distinct campuses and a mission focused on developing globally prepared leaders, we know that leveraging our differences and ensuring that we are a welcoming, diverse and inclusive organization contributes to our success on all levels,” said Kate Maine, UNG chief of staff.