Master of Accountancy degree now available

UNG’s new Master of Accountancy degree addresses students’ needs to acquire additional accounting knowledge desired by employers, to demonstrate a commitment to success in the field of accounting, and for additional education to meet the requirements for licensure as a CPA.The Georgia State Board of Accountancy requires CPAs to have 150 semester hours of education to pursue a CPA license. Students receive a minimum of 120 semester hours of education by pursuing an undergraduate degree in accounting, but must complete an additional 30 semester hours by either choosing to double-major in another discipline or by completing a master’s degree.

“We are delighted to deliver this program to our students,” said Dr. Donna Mayo, dean of the Mike Cottrell College of Business. “Double-majoring in another business discipline or leaving UNG to pursue a master’s degree elsewhere are not the best solutions for our students who want or need to stay in our region. Now, we can meet the needs of our students and those that employ our students post-graduation.”