Mason Goad selected as UNG Fellow to Center for Study of Presidency and Congress

UNG President Bonita Jacobs selected Mason Goad as the 2019-20 UNG Fellow to the Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress (CSPC).

Founded in 1965 as a nonprofit organization, CSPC’s mission is to “provide historical perspective about our nation’s highest offices for citizens and policymakers,” according to its website.

Goad is a senior from Watkinsville, Georgia, pursuing a degree in strategic and security studies.

Each year, fellows travel to the nation’s capital to study the public policymaking process and the president’s relationship with Congress, allies, the media, and the public. A pair of three-day leadership conferences in Washington, D.C., are part of the program.

Goad is eager to learn more about the presidency and Congress.

“They’re important because they have the power to influence so many lives,” Goad said. “As such, they deserve to be studied and understood, not just fought about politically.”

Goad in a suit on a yellow background
Mason Goad will take part in multiple conferences in the nation’s capital as part of his role.