DoD awards cyber scholarships and internships, authorizes cyber institutes

UNG has been awarded $96,138 from the Department of Defense (DoD) through the Cybersecurity Scholarship Program to fund one-year, full-ride scholarships for two students. The scholarships, which can be renewed annually through completion of graduate school, include tuition, fees, books, a laptop, and living expenses. The students also were awarded paid summer internships and agreed to work for one year with the DoD in the cybersecurity field after graduation.

UNG’s cybersecurity program also will benefit from the 2019 Defense Authorization Act, which authorizes the DoD to establish cyber institutes nationwide, starting with UNG. Working closely with three other senior military colleges (SMC), UNG has spearheaded the move. While the process to establish the cyber institutes is only beginning and funding is still required, UNG has proposed that the SMCs establish the first cyber institutes since they meet all the NDAA requirements: an established cyber program; strategic languages; strong leadership development programs associated with ROTC; and math and science programs.