The Ugly Duckling School Matinee Bus Information

Bus drop off for everyone, including ADA, is at 200 Boulevard NE, at the front of Pearce Auditorium at the end of the front drive.

Bus Map for Pearce Auditorium

From Hwy 129 Bus., turn on to Prior St SE. Turn left on Spring St SE, then turn right on Boulevard NE. The drop off spot on the right in front of the auditorium at the end of the front drive.

Straight on Boulevard St NE. Take a right on Park St. Continue approx. 1 mile to Sherwood Plaza Shopping Center for parking. The shopping center will be on your left. If your bus driver is attending the show, then someone will need to follow them and drive them back to the theatre. Parking is approximately 2 miles away.

Leave Sherwood Plaza Shopping Center to access Park Ln. Continue straight on Park Ln and go up the hill until you reach Prior St NE. Take a left on Prior St. NE, then turn right on Spring St SE. Take a right on Boulevard NE and continue to the pickup point. Pickup is at the same spot as drop off.