Q&A with Margaret Holtkamp, Margot/Dance Captain/Assistant to Choreographer, Legally Blonde

Margaret Holtkamp is a senior, BFA Musical Theatre scholarship recipient at Brenau University. She is excited to be performing her last fall Mainstage in one of her all-time favorite musicals! Recent credits include Cabaret (GTA), Damn Yankees (Theatre Buford), Crazy for You (GTA), and Beauty and the Beast (GTA). Follow her on Instagram @margaret_holtkamp

What excites you the most about this production?

I am the most excited to give our community the opportunity to see a show that excites and inspires its audience! It touches on many real issues but does so in a way that leaves you feeling full and optimistic about overcoming obstacles.

What is the most challenging thing about this production?

All around, this show requires a lot of its cast. The music and dancing alone is challenging enough! Each ensemble member has at least 3 different characters and every cast member is going to be moving around so much. The show moves at such a fast pace and requires so much stamina from the cast.

Given the recent “Me Too” movement, why do you believe the message of this show is so important?

I think the message of this show is very relevant to our time today. In the show, Elle is faced with a very hard choice, to walk away or rise above what happened to her and prove to herself, and others, what she is capable of. I believe it’s a very positive message for women today and hopefully it will inspire some audience members as well!

As a sorority sister yourself, what is your opinion on the way the show characterizes sororities?

I do see how the humor could be taken as criticism. However, I think this show does a great job in recognizing that stereotype, but then showing the heart of each girl and the bond that unites them to each other. I do think that the characters are heightened versions of sorority girls and that is why it really is so funny.

What do you most hope audiences take away from this show?

I really just hope the audience comes to the show and leaves smiling. This show is meant to make your day brighter and leave you inspired to rise above skepticism!

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