Q&A with Lauren Hill, Elle, Legally Blonde

Lauren Hill is a BFA Acting major & Brenau scholarship recipient, and is thrilled to be in one final GTA show before graduation this December! Regional: Children of Eden (Aphra & Yonah u/s) Aurora Theatre; Aida (Amneris) & Beauty and the Beast (Belle) Atlanta Lyric. GTA: Cabaret (Texas/Dance Captain), The Wizard of Oz (Scarecrow), Beauty and the Beast (Belle). Follow her on Instagram @lauren_ehill

What excites you the most about this production?

This is a pretty hard question to answer, because there truly is not one aspect of the production that I am not excited about! We have such an incredible cast, production team, design team, and guest artists involved in Legally Blonde, I consider myself so thankful to play any sized role in it, let alone Elle!

What is the most challenging thing about this production?

The show itself is huge. There are so many moving parts and people involved, it really is quite the monster of a show! However, for me personally, the amount of times my character, Elle Woods, actually leaves the stage are few and far between. That being said, stamina and lots of prep work are things I am really having to work on in hopes of minimizing this challenge.

Given the recent “Me Too” movement, why do you believe the message of this show is so important?

As someone who is personally attached to the “Me Too” movement, I think that this show’s message is incredibly important. I think it is especially important to note that not only are the women (within the show, and hopefully in the audience as well) empowered, but the men are as well. Elle is not the only character who faces scrutiny and abuse, her counterpart, Emmett, does as well. While his abuse is not the same as Elle’s, he also faces verbal comments that are clearly not okay. At the end of the day, I feel that this show portrays a message of unity, the power that comes from acknowledging our own flaws and insecurities, the freedom that comes along with that, as well as the importance of having others to love and support you.

How are you approaching such an iconic role?

I have to first acknowledge the work and performances of those who have played the role before me. While I am certainly tipping the hat towards Ms. Witherspoon and Ms. Bundy, I am incredibly excited to put my own spin on Elle Woods, that I hope audiences will enjoy!

What has been your favorite moment of the process so far?

It truly is hard to pinpoint just one moment! However, the overall environment of each person, cast and crew, giving their best at all times and just bringing a spirit of love and playfulness into the room has made this process so wonderful.

What do you most hope audiences take away from this show?

I hope that audiences walk away from the show feeling the freedom that comes from embracing your truest self, flaws and all.

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