Q&A with Juan Suarez, Pippin, Pippin

Juan Suarez is a sophomore at GTA and is very excited to be doing his second production with the company. You may recognize him from Cabaret where he played Victor, now he’s excited to be taking on this new challenge and adventure of playing Pippin and can’t wait to tell you all this story.

What part of the production are you most excited for?

I’m most excited to share this story with many audience members for the next few weeks. It’s such a blast!

What is the most challenging part of the production?

The most challenging part of this production for me so far is all the high notes. I mean, they come one after the other after the other, and all the while I never get to really leave the stage for more than 10 seconds! So, there will be plenty of water bottles randomly hidden around the set.

What has been your favorite moment of the rehearsal process?

It’s not really a moment exactly, but meeting all these new people and bringing them into the GTA family, like the dance majors, or Lisa Phifer and Carson Shelton (who is such an incredible kid, by the way. Such a joy.)

What do you most want audiences to take away from the production?

Live in the moment. Don’t waste your life worrying about the future. Life is so short, so just live it. That is the only truly fulfilling thing. 🙂

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