Q&A with Hannah Humphrey, Hair & Makeup Designer, Legally Blonde

Hannah Humphrey is a GTA alum and graduate of the University of North Georgia where she received her BFA in Design Technology for Theatre with a focus in Costumes Technology. She specializes in wig making, styling, and dyeing as well as beauty and special effects makeup. Some past GTA credits include: Wig/Makeup Design for The Odyssey and Much Ado About Nothing. She has worked professionally as the Wig/Makeup Assistant Designer at the Southeastern Summer Theatre Institute for their 2017 & 2019 seasons and for the Central City Opera in Colorado as their 2018 Wig/Makeup Intern.

What excites you the most about this production?

I think what excites me the most is the overall message that this production brings to the audience because not only is it a fantastic and energized musical, but it’s also a show about female empowerment.

What is the most challenging thing about this production?

The most challenging aspect of this production for me is finding a balance between using some of the actors’ real hair while putting others in wigs. It’s a challenge because at the end of the day it all needs to look natural and blend together rather than obviously being one or the other.

Given the recent “Me Too” movement, why do you believe the message of this show is so important?

This show is all about female empowerment and defying expectations. Elle is an intelligent and fierce woman that doesn’t quit, speaks out, and despite her professor’s inappropriate behavior and assumptions, she essentially puts him in his place by proving that she is not someone that has only succeeded because of her looks or the family that she comes from. Though she is faced with many obstacles, Elle stays true to herself, which is why the message behind this show is so important.

With hair being such an important part of this show, how are you approaching Elle’s wig?

For Elle’s wig, I want to make sure that while remaining true to the overall aesthetic of the classically bold blonde that the audience expects, that I also make her look as naturally blonde as possible. I don’t want her to be so blonde that the obviousness of the wig takes away from who she is. As far as the styles are concerned, I have decided on three different styles that show her evolution and discovery of herself throughout the show.

What do you most hope audiences take away from this show?

I hope that audiences feel empowered after seeing this production, and that they leave the show with the joy and confidence to discover themselves and stand up for who they are and what they believe.

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