Wonder Quest

Spencer Award Ribbon“The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.”


GTA’s Theatre for Young Audiences, WonderQuest, stands out as the only organization in North Georgia dedicated to offering professionally-produced theatre specifically for children and their families. WonderQuest is dedicated to lighting the fire of the mind.

There are ideas and feelings that theatre creates for children that no other medium can. Not TV or video or computer — no matter how interactive — it isn’t alive. And when we combine that unique live element with literature — when we lift the story from the page to the stage — we empower children to find the same excitement in books… and in ideas. We have to kindle the fire.

Each production is performed in the historic Brenau University opera house, Pearce Auditorium, for family audiences and over 7,000 students from schools throughout northeast Georgia.

Resources for Teachers

Bring the stage to your class, and your class to the stage!
WonderQuest and GTA are happy to help teachers enhance the educational experience for their students with a variety of tools.

Field Trips to see Live Theatre

We see it every year: children who have only seen TV and videos are dumbfounded by live actors who actually look at and respond to them, children who laugh and gasp as they identify with their favorite character – and then get a hug from them after the show. Live theatre just captures minds and hearts in a way nothing on a screen can.

WonderQuest is fortunate to have the loyal following of many principals and teachers who send their students year after year to experience WonderQuest’s living literature in the historic setting of Brenau University’s Pearce Auditorium. And we actively solicit their feedback to determine how to make the experience an even more valuable teaching tool. Students frequently picnic on lawn in front of the theatre, have their pictures taken with the cast and come for autographs. And after more than 25 years of working with schools, it is real validation for WonderQuest to see those starry-eyed young patrons return as GTA Theatre majors and patrons.

Performance Study Guide

The WonderQuest staff creates a carefully-crafted Study Guide for each production with useful information about the show. Teachers print out the Study Guide as a resource for preparing students to get the MOST out of the performance.

Each Study Guide includes information about the play, the author, the actors and theatre itself PLUS hands-on activities for students of different grade levels, all tied to specific Performance Standards established by the Georgia Department of Education. Study Guides are available 2 to 3 weeks before the performances.

In-School Performance Previews

Once you make a reservation for your class to attend a WonderQuest show, your class can get the “inside scoop” before they see the play through a visit in your classroom by a costumed professional from the show!