About Us

About Us

The Culture

Gainesville Theatre Alliance is a collaborative ensemble of students, community members, and professionals that recognizes learning and growth as its primary goal. We nurture the development of skills, intellect, commitment, and a generous spirit.

Our ensemble consists of members performing individual roles while sharing common goals. Our work in the theatre is distinguished by our dedication, pride, and joy. Our relationship with each other and our audience is distinguished by genuine respect and compassion.

The success of our process from goal-setting to problem-solving to evaluation is built on open and honest communication. Our health as individuals and as an organization depends on the balance of work and play, competition and support, effort, and reward. The reward is the opportunity to work among a group of people dedicated to celebrating life through theatre—to learn and grow.

We, the members of Gainesville Theatre Alliance strive to fulfill this pledge and welcome anyone who shares these values and goals.

The Mission

Education Through Collaboration
With the combined support of the University of North Georgia, Brenau University, Theatre Wings, and the northeast Georgia community, Gainesville Theatre Alliance will provide its artists and audiences quality theatrical experiences that educate, inspire, enrich and unite.

A Quest For Excellence
With the guidance of a highly trained faculty and staff and the assistance of professional guest artists, Gainesville Theatre Alliance will create an environment of programming and activities that challenge students and community members to strive for excellence as they learn the art and craft of theatre.

Innovative Outreach
Gainesville Theatre Alliance will develop and engage in innovative strategies to make quality theatre accessible to new and diverse audiences.

The Community Showcase
Gainesville Theatre Alliance will utilize the rich powers of theatre to showcase the best of northeast Georgia, drawing a diverse audience together to celebrate the spirit of our community.