A Day In The Life Of A GTA Student: Isabel Owens

The 2020-2021 year has been unlike any other year at Gainesville Theatre Alliance. Students and professors alike have had to learn to adapt to new learning styles. It hasn’t been easy, but it’s safe to say that GTA is making the best of it and using the latest technologies to ensure all students get the most enriching learning experiences possible. GTA freshmen were immediately thrown into online learning and did not get to experience pre-pandemic GTA. They have now settled into a routine that best suits the circumstances.

Isabel Owens is a B.A. Theatre freshman at the University of North Georgia. I’ve asked her about her typical day in hybrid classes and her experience so far here at Gainesville Theatre Alliance.

What does a typical day look like?

Isabel: Well, a typical day for me this semester looks different every other day! I have Acting 1 on Monday’s and Wednesday’s, then Painting Practicum on Tuesday and Thursday! The rest are my core classes online. In my free time, I am either writing music, hanging out with my family or animals (including our 3-month-old bunny), or rollerskating, which has been my newest hobby!


What is your favorite part about having hybrid classes?

Isabel: The blessing that comes with participating in hybrid classes is being within the comfort of my own home and having a bit more time to get more assignments done due to not having to drive back in forth from home and classes!

What is the most challenging?

Isabel: The most challenging part would be not feeling super connected to others like I would be if most things were to be in person. As well as having to learn how to do school online, that has been super tricky!

What led you to stay in school even during this pandemic?

Isabel: I stayed in school because I didn’t want to become idle with my time and lack in my work ethic. I knew that if I stayed and pushed through, I believed that fruit would still come from my labor ( although work is done differently). Pushing through has actually created a stronger work ethic in me and has shown me that we can do what we love doing, even if it’s hard.

What do you know now that you wish you knew before you started college?

Isabel: DON’T BE AFRAID TO JUMP RIGHT IN! Haha, I lacked confidence walking into this year, and I think that slightly held me back from friendships and even some opportunities to be a bit more involved.

What is something you look forward to this semester?

Isabel: I am really looking forward to new friendships and more opportunities to grow in all aspects of theatre as this year plays out! I am excited to work with people who are like-minded to help create something that changes lives!

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