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DETI’s SharePoint website provides a FAQ page of the most common questions. Here are a few from the Discussion section.

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How do I set up a Discussion in the Discussion Tool?

Asynchronous discussions can be set up and facilitated with in the eLearning (D2L) Discussion Tool. D2L Discussions have three parts in their structure, a Forum, a Topic, and threads. Forums are categories for topics where discussions take place, topic discussions are made up of discussion threads. Threads can be thought of as a single line of conversation within the discussion, postings, and replies. See the following resources for details:

Go to Discussion Workshop Slide Presentation
Go to Video Tutorial – Discussion Forum
Go to Video Tutorial – Discussion Topic

Why are students not seeing the discussions that I created?

Usually this is because you’ve created a Forum rather than an actual discussion topic. You must create a forum first (think of it as a category) and then create the topic within the forum. Students do not see forums with no topics, only forums with topics.

Go to Create/Add a Discussion Forum, Create/Add a Discussion Topic

How do I lock discussions so students can read, but no longer post?

Locking a discussion topic allows students to be able to read the posts for a particular topic but prevents them from posting any further comments. Follow these steps to lock a topic:

Go to Visibility and Locking Controls for Discussion Topics

How do I associate a grade item with a Discussion Topic?

A grade item for a discussion topic is associated under the “Assessments” tab of the Discussion editor. See the following linked handout for details.

Go to Associating a Grade Item with a Discussion

How do I grade discussions?

In order to grade a discussion topic, you must associate the discussion topic with a gradebook item (or create one for association), set a maximum score, and, if desired, associate a rubric for scoring. See the following linked handouts for details.

Go to Associating a Grade Item with a Discussion
Go to Grading Discussions

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