Lisa Diehl
Barry Whittemore








The UNG Teaching Excellence Award for Non-Tenure-Track Faculty recognizes those whose work advances the quality and practice of instruction, demonstrates their success in fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and/or increases global and multicultural understanding. The recipients’ qualifications include effective teaching strategies to enhance student learning, such as active learning, student portfolios, and classroom assessment techniques, and a commitment to enriching academic activities outside of the classroom. These awards were announced at Convocation in fall 2019.

Lisa Diehl, senior lecturer, is currently working on her dissertation studying the embedded tutoring program she created and implemented at the University of North Georgia. In 2017, Ms. Diehl was the UNG nominee for the Governor’s Teaching Fellows program. Ms. Diehl supervises the Embedded Tutoring program at UNG, which places writing center tutors in English composition classrooms to assist first-year students with their writing skills.

Barry Whittemore, lecturer of History, began teaching at the university in January 2011. His goal at UNG is to identify, train, and motivate undergraduates to pursue the wide open field of the history of Appalachian Georgia. His greatest pleasure comes from traditional southern mountain Old Time music and dance. He and his cat live happily in a cabin in the woods.