The Diodati family after Alex’s 2019 UNG graduation. From left: Dad Kyle, Alex, Mom Nori, Lily, Nick and Gina Diodati.


It’s not unusual for two siblings from the same family to attend the same university, or even the same college in that university. It is unusual to have a family trio in the same field!

Since 2013, the Diodati family’s three children Nick, Alex and Gina have studied chemistry in Rogers Hall. Said their father, Kyle, “As Dahlonega residents, we’ve been watching UNG’s talent pool of professors in STEM grow for almost 30 years. One of the benefits of choosing a smaller university has been the notable hands-on experience our kids gained.”

Gina Diodati is an honors junior with a double major in mathematics and chemistry with a concentration in physical chemistry. She’s also a calculus and chemistry tutor and proud to be president of the Society of Engineering students this fall. Gina has been encouraged by Dr. Ryan Thompson in several mathematics courses and Dr. Aimee Tomlinson, a physical chemist who guided Gina and her brothers in their undergraduate research. Gina has always had a passion for motorsports and dreams of a career in research and development optimizing alternate energy sources in the automotive industry. Gina plans to graduate in spring 2023 and pursue a Ph.D.

Alex Diodati, B.S. Chemistry ’19, was regularly sighted in Rogers Hall as a student, a learning assistant and tutor. Alex said he is very thankful for the chemistry faculty:  “My professors all played a role in molding me into the student I am today. They allowed me to experiment and discover who I am, not only as a chemist, but also as a person.” An interest in physical organic chemistry led Alex to begin a Ph.D. program at the University of Florida in Fall 2019.

Nick Diodati, B.S. Chemistry and B.S. Biology ’17, will complete a master’s degree in microbiology (2020) at the University of Florida. He plans to continue in a Ph.D. program there in oral biology research for the dental field. His wife, Lily Rainwater Diodati, B.S. Chemistry ’18, was the College’s top organic chemistry student in 2016, and is pursuing her Ph.D. in nanochemistry at the University of Florida.