Community Resource Page

***If you are a college student accessing this page in part due to COVID-19-related issues, please know that additional services are available to you during this time. These services include free or reduced-cost internet service, unlimited data plans, and airline travel (in-country, of course). Students who are currently homeless or who are currently or have previously been in foster care may be able to receive laptops to complete coursework. If you are a college student in need, please contact with your specific need so that we can direct you to the appropriate resources.***

This page provides community listings for resources for UNG campus communities. Every effort is made to keep the information as current as possible. Please notify site owner if any information should be updated.

This website will provide resources on the following:

Automotive and Transportation Resources Business and Employment Resources

Clothing Resources Disability Resources

Education Resources Emergency and Domestic Violence Resources

Family Services and Childcare Resources Hot Meal/Pantry Resources

Housing/Shelter Resources Legal Resources

Mental & Health Care Resources