What We Have Achieved

We gave $10k in scholarships this year!

Exciting news from your PFA Council includes our greatest accomplishment to date: the funding of several meaningful scholarships!

Accomplishments of the PFA since Family Day in October 2015


      1. • Awarded $10,000 in scholarships:
      1. • $2,500 for UNG’s first students to study abroad in Russia
      1. • $2,000 to entice top-tier prospects to join the Corps of Cadets
      1. • $2,500 to UNG Honors students for research projects
      1. • $3,000 for cadets in UNG’s new Cyber Security program
      1. • Hosted receptions for Student and Military Awards Ceremonies
      1. • Worked with a UNG service fraternity at Gold Rush
      1. • Greeted prospective families at National Leadership Challenge
      1. • Surprised UNG students at Homecoming with a free raffle
      1. • Threw parties for the Corps of Cadets Honor Companies
      1. • Purchased new uniforms for UNG’s Cheer Squad
      1. • Volunteered on freshman move-in day
      1. • Provided treats for the Sweetheart Review
      1. • Hosted receptions for our Commissioning Cadets and their families

• Live-streamed Corps of Cadets events in our closed Facebook group

As the PFA Council met with various UNG professionals, it became obvious that parents can make a difference for our community by helping attract top-performing students, and by helping UNG-Dahlonega students with study abroad, research and other educational expenses.

We need you to help us double our scholarship awards next year to $20k. Our students have a better chance to achieve excellence when they are supported financially.

Every dollar counts when we work together to improve educational opportunities for our students’ future Alma Mater. The scholarships we were able to award this year came primarily from PFA memberships and fundraising projects. We deeply thank you for your support now and in the future!

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Why Do We Charge Dues for “Active” Membership?
Directly connected to the university, with university-approved bylaws and an official university staff liaison, the Parents & Family Association is a self-supporting volunteer organization. While all parents of UNG students are associate members of the PFA, we believe that parents who have taken the extra step toward active membership are interested in getting involved and are eager to find ways to support UNG students.

The PFA’s budget is based solely on membership dues we receive from active members and fundraisers. Though all of our financial activities are handled through the UNG Foundation, we receive no funding from the University. Your active membership dues are essential to the continuation of PFA programs and services, most notably: awards the PFA provides for scholarships and to student groups and academic organizations.

Thanks to the support of our many active members and volunteers, we have a long list of accomplishments in 2015-16:


      1. • Served as hosts at summer orientations
      1. • Hosted lunches prior to Summer Language Institute
      1. • Hosted receptions for the families of commissioning cadets
      1. • Hosted a UNG Family Potluck Picnic at the Chestatee River
      1. • Hosted a question/answer table for new student move-in
      1. • Hosted a dinner prior to FROG Graduation
      1. • Provided free water at FROG graduation at the PFA tent

• Organized a welcome table for Family Day


      1. • Posted on the PFA Facebook page throughout summer
      1. • Created NGCP Digest, an email for cadet parents
      1. • Trained new Facebook group moderators
      1. • Assigned photographers and videographers to cover events
      1. • Promoted university events on the PFA Facebook page

• Solicited guest-posts on adjusting to college life


      1. • Worked with MLC leadership to provide a cadet parent calendar
      1. • Approved providing funds for new mountaineering safety harnesses
      1. • Helped purchase a popcorn machine and speakers for Residence Life
      1. • Sponsored the Maj Kevin Jenrette Memorial Scholarship Golf Tournament
      1. • Purchased new goalpost pads for UNG Rugby club teams
      1. • Sponsored Career Services’ business etiquette dinner
      1. • Helped send students to the American Marketing Association conference

• Provided support for families in need of emergency assistance


      1. • Sold “FROG 15” t-shirts at FROG graduation
      1. • Ordered hand-made limited edition “Corps of Cadets” ornaments
      1. • Ordered PFA t-shirts and polo shirts to share our UNG pride

• Organized volunteers to work the PFA’s fundraising booth at Gold Rush


      1. • Sent letters and membership cards to PFA members
      1. • Set up online voting and a call-in number for out-of-state parents
      1. • Increased the list of Dahlonega businesses that offer discounts

• Created a way for membership cards to be used via smartphone


      1. • Helped plan Family Day
      1. • Helped with freshman-move-in
      1. • Provided info and free water bottles at FROG Week graduations
      1. • Posted university events and announcements to the PFA Facebook page

• Regularly promoted parent involvement at student events


      1. • Posted announcements from academic colleges to the PFA’s Facebook page
      1. • Participated in briefings by the Commandant of the Corps of Cadets
      1. • Shared exam schedules with parents and info about tuition deadlines
      1. • Shared academic resources such as free tutoring and study abroad opportunities

• Discussed how to help students get the most from academic advising


      1. • Attended new student orientations throughout the year
      1. • Provided information about student social groups and service organizations
      1. • Hosted a hospitality table following National Leadership Challenge

• Discussed transitional and developmental stages for college students


      1. • Created closed Facebook groups for parents
      1. • Revised the PFA’s Bylaws to allow for absentee voting
      1. • Expanded the discounts available to active PFA members
      1. • Created social events for parents during Alumni Weekend
      1. • Organized meetups prior to FROG Week and Summer Language Institute

• Shared an expanded calendar of cadet events and activities


      1. • Posted monthly PFA Council minutes and financial reports
      1. • Created standard operating procedures for each PFA committee

• Revised the PFA website to include contact info for council members

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